As a game, the game can be a little difficult to understand and a little overwhelming to learn, which is why the Empire Avenue Wiki has been created for members run by members with members in mind out of a need to inform, teach, and guide newer and less experienced players in how to best use the Empire Avenue platform. Empire Avenue at its core is a social media stock market game where members can buy and sell shares in other players using a virtual currency in addition to being a great place to network, meet new people, and discover new content. 

cropped-ea-mhm-icon1.pngThe Wiki offers resources to help players with their game such as a(n): 

  • EA Glossary: to help all players understand all the Empire Avenue terminology. 
  • FAQ’s: to help answer commonly asked questions regarding various aspects of the game.
  • Newbie Section: to help newbies get an effective start on the Avenue (coming soon!)
  • And more! 

As time goes on we’ll add more sections as necessary in addition other elements such as videos. 

The Wiki is managed by the EAv Leader’s Wiki Team and if you are part of the EAvLeaders Community, you have the opportunity to contribute to the site! 

EA-Nut-iconIf you aren’t a leader yet, why not join now? Its available in the EA shop! There’s some delicious benefits (including getting a cool badge!) and its a perfect opportunity to supercharge your game!

Happy Investing! Keep a lookout for future announcements about the Wiki and please feel to join us in the official Wiki EA Community!  And we hope this resource will be a valuable one for everyone who uses it!