In a new series we’re calling “What’s The Word On The Street“, we pose a question where all the  Empire Avenue players have the opportunity to answer on one our social media accounts and we choose a select predetermined number of answers to be featured in a blog post on the Empire Avenue Wiki!

For the first “Whats The Word On The Street” we asked players what their #1 Empire Avenue mission tip is for other players. After all, they’re a great way to get your content such as a blog post or video discovered by people who love sharing other people’s content! 

Here’s what they said: 

Ron Sidwell — Run missions at night when most active players are free to do missions.

Mary Helen Ferris — support and engage but most of all ENJOY. Interaction takes a second. Lasts a lifetime. 

Barbara Klein — I have made the experience that investment and gift missions work best, write an engaging and funny title, scale rewards and do not ask for too much engagement. I am very reluctant to do missions when I am being ordered to do this or that for a relatively small reward, keep your reward in relation to engagement wanted.

Sunish Sebastian — Be Generous!

Reg Ervin — Use the ‘Preview Mission’ to see if the mission is relevant to your audience. By doing this you avoid getting a reputation for taking eaves when you don’t support the content of the mission.

Wayne Mansfield — My tip is to complete ALL the players unfinished missions… you get a sense of that person. And you get lots of EAVES for little effort.

Shahidul Alam — Be constantly engaged.

Carol Parker — Check available missions often and complete as many as possible, invest in those offering missions as well regardless of whether or not that is part of the mission it expands your portfolio as well as interest in you.

Dan Stepel — Have interesting content. Few people are interested in MLM and strait up sales pitches.

Anthony Beach — No. 1 Mission tip is……Once you have 250,000 or 500,000 or 1,000,000 Eaves built up Do a Mission with all of it at one time! And offer a reward of 20,000-50000 Eaves! This has grown me to a Net Worth of 7 Million and 200.00 per share quickly!

Joe Batrin — Reciprocate is the tip I would give for missions. It’s not just about making eaves and doing the missions so much as it is the networking, making new friends and contacts. That will create longevity for your efforts.

Steve SchraderBachar — review the link first.

Erin Boykin — Treat your mission title as a blog title and get rid of the generic titles. You might get more views and completions if you effectively describe what your content is about in the title. 

Steven Johnson — I “DO” missions, so this might be a different answer than most. When performing a mission for other avenooers, OVERDELIVER (guess it is the marketer in me) – so share more, like more often, comment more, follow more, reinvest more of the mission proceeds.

Redbo — Be patient and hang out, be prepared to take some time to learn the ropes through a bit of a confused haze sometimes. The more you play, the easier it will become.

Gary Loper — run smaller missions – then rerun it — people are not clicking to the second page of missions to see previously posted missions – rerunning provides more people the opp to run the mission.

Michael Q Todd — my tip is to focus on what is in the mission for others. Explain the benefits they will get. Say please and thank you.

Got a mission tip you like to add? Add them comments below! 

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