We at Empire Avenue Wiki and our favorite squirrel, (e)SQRL, hosted an event to help get answers to common questions players ask between January 30th, 2015 and February 1st, 2015!


We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the event. We truly hope you had fun and it gave you the opportunity to help spread your knowledge. The event was a success and from a quick glance we got the answers we needed from our Nutty FAQ portion of the event that asked players to give their input on any of the pre-determined question that was provided! Over the next month or so, we’ll release the answers to all those nutty questions that were asked right here on the Wiki in small batches! 

We even had a contest to see who could answer the most questions. And we’re excited to finally announce the winners! The contest rules were as follows: 

CONTEST: Want to win a free investment mission? You will have a chance to win one of three spots to receive a free investment mission sponsored by the Wiki Team. To enter you must provide your ticker at the start of the event. The first prize winner will get a 3 million eave investment mission, the second prize winner will get a 2 million eave mission, and the third prize will get a 1 million eave mission.

We had a three way tie for the first place winners so they will each get a 3 million eave investment mission with missions awarded over the next week starting with the third place winners. The winners are as follows: 


Congrats to all the winners! And thank you to all for taking the time to help contribute to Wiki! : ) 


Not only did we provide a chance for players to spread their knowledge, we provided an opportunity for players to win 4 achievement badges playing what was called SQRL games (players had to guess a secret phrase entered on their profile page for each game). To view the games, click here. Keep a look out on our blog for the answers to all the choices. 

If you missed the event and have a question about Empire Avenue, there are many players in the Empire Avenue who are willing to help in the Empire Avenue Tactics and Tech community (for general questions) as well as the Welcome Wagon community (for brand new players). 

We hope you had fun.