During the last Sir Rudigers Cracking The Nut of Knowledge 2 Event, we asked players for feedback of the Wiki and what they thought of it. As a result of the feedback, we used that feedback to make quite a few changes to the Wiki over the past few days. They are as follows:

1) The first is we simplified our main menu and all our available resources that we have available to players all on one page on the Wiki. They are located here: http://wiki.empireavenue.com/resources/

2) We have a **temporary** FAQ section located off the Wiki main site athttp://eavwiki.freshdesk.com while we figure out how to best present the FAQ’s on the Wiki as we continue to build it.

***As part of the feedback we received, it was suggested that we use a real Wiki platform (either as a replacement or addition to the current solution). The reason we don’t has to do with pricing and storage issues. If people like Freshdesk for the FAQ’s, we may consider keeping the FAQ’s there.

However, if anyone knows of a free Wiki or FAQ site that can you can embed in a WordPress.com site that you do not have to pay for at all (other than Wikia), feel free to let us know at support@eavwiki.freshdesk.com.

3) Empire Avenue Wikis EA community has made its return and can be used to ask any Empire Avenue question you like (except for technical account issues).

4) For private communication between the Wiki and Empire Avenue players, we now have our own support system (part of Freshdesk mentioned above) for questions related to the Wiki as well as a place you can give suggestions and feedback. We ask that you contact us via Freshdesk so we can respond back to you as quickly as possible. You can also use this email address to get in touch with us: support@eavwiki.freshdesk.com.

(***Note: We just want to be clear that this is NOT a replacement for Empire Avenue support for technical issues regarding your Empire Avenue account. You still need to use Zendesk to submit support tickets to EA.***)

5) We are starting to create videos on our YouTube channel to explain different parts of the site. If you have any suggestions on what you want to see next or want to help out, please send an email to support@eavwiki.freshdesk.com or submit a support ticket to http://eavwiki.freshdesk.com.

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