Location – Arizona

Tag Line: “Maximum precision through intelligent use of minimal resources”

Goal: “To serve up valuable and helpful content to help you understand how to get work done in an efficient and timely manner. This content will be in the form or Tutorials (video & text) as well as articles and blog entries”

Background: “The source of this material will be mainly based on experience and knowledge gained over a 23 year career in the HVAC industry. The last half of which was spent as an Operations Manager for both Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Experience includes: Managing optimum inventory levels to exceed sales goals while staying within resource limits. Using VBA to automate MS Office applications. Migrating to a new enterprise software system. Teaching staff and developing training material for new business practices and technologies.”

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About the Player of the Day program:
The winners will be chosen randomly every day or so from the eligible new members in the Welcome Wagon group.
The prize is:

A million eave gift mission

A blog post featuring the player and lots of mentions on Social Media!

Inclusion in a weekly blog post on the Empire Avenue official blog site.

To qualify-

You must have joined Empire Avenue in the last three months

You must have at least one active social media account attached to your profile

You need to be a member of the Welcome Wagon forum right here!

You will have made at least one post or answered a question the forum.

And finally

Start posting and asking questions then you could be in with a chance to win!!

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This is so much fun.

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