Kornelia and I connected on Empire.Kred , later working together as part of a team to promote the site. Angelika and I were fortunate to meet Kornelia and her son whenwe enjoyed a pleasant afternoon in Berlin last Summer . I am looking forward to the interview and discussing her new book ‘Cooking for Happiness’

Kornelia Santoro is a German writer living in Goa, India, who spezialices in food writing. She has published her experiences of almost two decades cooking Mediterranean food in India for her husband and son on her own website ‘Kornelia’s Kitchen’.

‘Kornelia’s Kitchen’, the cookbook was released on 21st of December 2010.

Kornelia Santoro was born in Ansbach, a small town in northern Bavaria. She studied German language, Political Science and Theatre science in Erlangen and completed training as certified reporter and news editor in Regensburg. She continued to work there for newspapers and radio.

From 1992 until 1994 she rode on an Enfield bullet through India. Finally she settled with her husband, Alberto Santoro, in Goa. 1999 their son Valentino was born.

Writing a cookbook – though suggested by her husband – is a direct result from her upbringing. Both parents, public servants, had experienced the Second World War with its hunger periods. Food was very important for the family and shared meals were the focus of family life. Kornelia Santoro started to collect cook books in her teenage days. Compiling this collection of recipes and describing her experiences has joined two spheres of her existence: writing and the demands of a life as housewife and mother.

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