How To Get An Effective Start by (e)SALLYKWITT
Well-known player Sally Witt – (e)SALLYKWITT – shares her tips and recommendations on how to get an effective start on Empire.Kred for newbies.


Making new relationships and having great interaction on social media is the whole point. You will meet awesome people on Empire.Kred, and learn so much about having meaningful interaction on the social media sites while having incentives to do it. Have fun!

Day 1

1. Set up your profile with a photo as soon as possible. Active players will see your profile pop up as a new player, and most will ignore profiles without photos. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of investments on your first day or two!

2. Set up all of your social media accounts so that you get credit for your activities.

3. Choose a few profiles and start with investing just 5 or 10 shares in each. A good place to look for suggestions is on a list that Lucas Wyrsch publishes frequently called the “Top 300 ROI’s on Empire Avenue”. These are shares that will give you a good income on your investment. You will have income every day from the good shares that you purchase. Lucas publishes his lists at the Swiss Business Club. Everyone is welcome to join from any country.

4. Thank everyone that invests in you, and buy 5 shares in them if you can. If you can’t, tell them that you will when you have more eaves. That starts a relationship that will help you as time goes on!

Day 2

1. Join some communities. A few suggestions are EAV Gangstas , Swiss Business Club, Buy Me, [X] Bar – Where Everybody Knows Your Ticker, and any others where you have an interest so that you can meet people.

2. Do some missions. The gift ones are so easy. Make sure and say thank you, and “like” and leave a positive rating for the mission. It helps to say that you did that in the thank you message. Do as many of the Share missions as you can every day. This will build your portfolio for free, and add to your daily dividend earnings. You also get to know people through doing their missions. The more that you do, the more confidence that you will have.

3. Invite friends to Empire.Kred. Every invitation that is accepted will give you more free eaves to use to invest in shares.

Day 3

1. Look at the list of new profiles. Start buying some shares in other new people every day. Choose stocks that look like they will grow quickly.

2. Look for Empire.Kred groups on other Social Media sites that you are on, and get to know the members there.

3. Read some pages with helpful information and suggestions for new players: by (e)DESDAUGHTER by (e)STEVENJH – (e)EAVLEADERS – (e)HAUPT

Day 4

1. Continue to buy shares every day.

2. Do some missions every day to get free shares, free eaves, and to interact with more great people on social media.

3. Take advantage of every special event to get to know people and to buy shares in each other. Make new social media friends and deepen relationships every day.

4. If you need help, ask for it. Many players are happy to help.


What do you think? Do you have some tips of your own?

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