How To Navigate Profile

1…..Your Brand. Should it be a personal account or a business account this is where it all starts. Your picture is every important. With smart phones, this is your selfie. Business accounts, if you do not have a picture, you can create one. . or are great ways to be creative.

2…..The Graph. This you how you share price has grown.  If you click on View More you will see a section that is called More Graphs, which are 7, 30, 90, 1 year and 30 days.

3…..Share Price. This is your share price. In parentheses ( ) is your increase for the day, should it be a positive or a negative. New players sometimes feel that if you don’t increase daily people will sell you. Most good players, are looking for the connections rather than your share price. Just keep playing and it will grow as you better understand the game.

4…..Stock Market. This is where you will find a lot of information about yourself and tabs to locate, your portfolio, your shareholders, lists, mail, recent players, leaders and a help section.

5….About. This is about you. You will notice your locations and the date you joined and also the last time you were active on Empire.Kred. This is a very important factor for many players when they are considering investing in you….last active.   The about is your bio. Put your best foot forward and let us know about you should you be a personal account and as a Business account, tell us about your business.  Have the first sentence your strongest, its what will be seen first.

6…..Network Scores. This is what drives your share price. The activity of the top five (5) networks. All scores are not real time, but a 30 day accumulation score.

………e… your Empire.Kred score. This is from the number of activites you have on Empire.Kred, such as participation in communities, buys and sells, comments profiles.

……….Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, here is the link to start one..  Your activity in public places on Facebook will be counted.

……….Flickr is the place for pictures. It is free and the url is Please use your own pictures, not copyrighted pictures.

……….Twitter is a popular network. 140 characters or less. Easy for on the go. You can start an account here.

……….FourSquare is an on the run type network. It’s fun and easy if you have a smart phone. Your activity of where you have been, counts towards you activities. Here is the link

……….Instagram is a very popular network as well. Snap and add it to your sight. Adding it is simple with use of a smart phone. Your pictures that you add, and the likes from your circle of friends, will add to your score. Make sure you get all your friends from Empire.Kred to follow you.

……….You Tube  is a great place to upload your videos. The number of views, likes, comments will be used towards your network score. If you would like to start a You Tube account,

……….Google + another great place to share your blog posts, pictures, and comments to your friends and associates.

……….Other Connections the only blog that is counted toward a score is a account. It’s quite easy to use and it’s free. You can start yours today by clicking here

In addition to the great text, here is a video you can watch

***  “Claim your FREE dotKred page. Go to to set it up. Simply send a tweet and you get it free for a full year! Here’s a handy guide to help you set it up. Here is a Handy Guide.