Wiki Responsibility

The Empire.Kred Wiki is a resource that provides information, such as helpful tips and resources, relating to Empire.Kred platform. The Empire.Kred Wiki Team and its leader operate the Wiki voluntarily and with content created by volunteers. Therefore, PeopleBrowsr/Kred and affiliates are not responsible for content presented on this site and social media sites. 


While the Wiki tries to keep information up-to-date and as close to factual as possible, some information may be inaccurate due to site changes, lack of knowledge of how the game really operates, and updates performed by Empire Avenue Inc.. It is best to use it as a guide.

Any player who wishes to have their content featured on the Empire Avenue Wiki must contact the EA Wiki at If the content is approved and appears on the site, that player also gives the Wiki permission to use it the site. 

Any comments on the Empire Avenue Wiki are expressed opinions and/or the property of their authors. Therefore, the Wiki cannot be held responsible for comments made by individual commenters. We will never modify comments, however, we will delete comments if they appear to be spam or is harmful, malicious, or threatening to players well-being. We reserve the right to delete comments from banned players. 

Should any player (or reader) find any content that is harmful, malicious, or threatening, please contact the Wiki immediately so proper action can take place. 

Legal/Terms of Service

Even though the Empire Avenue Wiki is operated outside of the main Empire.Kred site, the Empire.Kred Wiki and its social media sites, including the communities within platform, will follow all Empire Avenue Terms of Service.


Since the Wiki is not directly related to Empire.Kred., support for the Wiki is handled by the Empire.Kred Wiki Manager. Any requests or questions should be directed to our support system (which should be answered with 5 business days). 
NO questions about the Wiki should be directed to Empire.Kred/Peoplebrowsr/Kred as they do not manage the site.