EA Board of Directors: runs the company, which may include investors or advisors (aka “The Board”)

EA DevTeam: development team consisting of programmers (aka the “/devteam”).

EA Support: handles the support ticket system and will assist you with problems regarding your Empire Avenue account (aka “support”).


EA Leaders: members of the Empire Avenue community who have purchased the EA Leader upgrade and have the option to help guide the direction of Empire Avenue.

Admins/Brand Managers: collectively in charge with managing marketing, new member recruitment, member retention, and allocating available programming time.

Team Leaders: facilitates communications, discussions, project assignments, review process, and serve as a liaison to the Admin/Brand Manager in charge of overseeing their team in addition to serving as the point person for assembly priority recommendations.


Personal Account: an account owned by an individual.

Business Account: an account owned by a business.

Managed Account: an account managed by an individual(s) other than the sole owner of the account.


Badges: virtual achievements, profile stickers visible on Empire Avenue profiles. Badges are symbols of honorable distinctions proudly displayed at EA.

Community: community of people who engage with each other for a wide variety of reasons: personal and professional. Engaging in communities is rewarding in more ways than one, as the dividend you pay others increases as you participate in communities.

Dashboard: Central panel for managing your activity on Empire Avenue.

Dessert: provides the ability to purchase more 200 shares than your current maximum in a limited number of stocks. Dessert is useful for investing that little bit extra in stocks that have a high payout or ROI. Dessert can be purchased in the store. Dessert must be used within the time specified at time of purchase or it will expire. Once dessert is used to purchase shares, you can always purchase up to 200 more shares in the stock, even if your maximum increases.

Dividends: For every share that a player buys, they receive a dividend paid out each day based on the level and quality of your activities on Empire Avenue and social media networks. So for each share you own in every EA player, a dividend calculated this way will be paid into your bank account automatically every day. Daily earnings in Eaves paid to you by each share you own in a player.

Eaves: what makes the Empire Avenue world go round.  You use them to invest in others in the social media stock game.  You offer them as rewards to folks completing your missions and visiting your content.  You can obtain EAVes from daily dividends from your investment in others.  You can earn EAVes by participating in other member’s missions and you can purchase them from the Empire Avenue Shop. EAVes currently have no cash value.  Although breaking down what it costs to purchase EAVes in the store, you could say that EAVes have a (US) cash value of $0.0092 per Eave.

Empire Avenue Shop: where you can buy upgrades for your account.  Upgrades include the ability to own shares in more profiles, or to own a larger number of shares in each profile.  The upgrades are like stair steps, and build upon each other.

: People who want to know what missions you create on Empire Avenue.

Fresh Face:  a new player on Empire Avenue. They are given this designation for the first 7 days they are on Empire Avenue who are limited to purchasing only 200 shares of the new account – they could decide to invest a piece of pie to get up to another 200 shares (400) total. This 7 day period allows the player to complete their profile and connect all their social networking sites. As well as familiarize themselves with the game, missions and start building connections.

Lists: people you want to keep track of by watching, or recommend to others by recommending on Empire Avenue.

: private messages sent from one Empire Avenue member to another.

Members/Players: a person with an active account on Empire Avenue.

Missions: great way to use eaves or vees to ask for interaction from others.  For example you may run a mission to have folks look at your blog.  (They may interact further if your blog is something their followers may be interested in.)

Mission Badge: certain number of missions one completes to get this prestigious badge. One would have to complete 50 missions under 5,000 eaves and 50 missions over 5,000 eaves in order to obtain this badge.

More Dessert & Even More Dessert Upgrades: Pie represents the amount of shares a user can buy in another users portfolio.  Dessert allows you to purchase 100 more of individual users.  Even more dessert allows you to buy 200 more of an individual.  Now if you have already used dessert and you buy an even more dessert your not allowed to own more than 200 higher than your pie level.  Example if my pie total equal 1000.  If I buy Even More Dessert first I can buy 1200 shares.  If I buy Dessert first I can own 1100 shares.   If after I buy Dessert I then use an Even more dessert I can’t own more than 1200 shares, until I get more Pie.

Net Wealth: is the total value of your social stock ticker portfolio (the tickers you have invested in) PLUS any eaves that you may have in the bank.

Network Leaders: user with the top scores/wealth, divs, whom have been active in some form on Empire Avenue within the last 30 days.

Network Scores: scores out of 100 for activity and participation on EA and each of your connected social media networks.

: someone new to Empire Avenue.

On the Boat: typically used when the Empire Avenue site is down for maintenance or something is technically wrong with it that users can’t access the site.

People’s Market: a place to list items or services to sell for real world currency or vees.  The sellers need to be at least a silver subscriber though anyone can buy.

Pie: the amount of shares you can own in any profile.  Each user starts out with the ability to own 250 shares in 1000 profiles.  Once you reach the 250 limit in 1000 profiles you must upgrade you pie in order to make more purchases.

Portfolio: Your investment portfolio are all of the tickers/profiles you purchase on Empire Avenue.  The free account earns dividends from the top 5000 profiles.  Premium accounts, depending on which account can earn dividends on up to 10,000 profiles.

Portfolio Wealth: The overall amount of wealth a player gains when investing in others and being active on the site.

Recently Listed Leaders: People who have purchased the Ultimate Leaders upgrade and received Leader status within the last 7 days.

Report Abuse – this feature is available to all members to self report unacceptable behavior. This may include but is not limited to activities which break local, state and federal laws like promoting illegal activities or substances. This feature can also be used to report abuse on Empire Avenue that administrators need to be aware of.

Rewards: are benefits discovered on EA. Usually involves enhancing one’s EA experience.

ROI: a calculation based on the dividends paid out divided by the share price. At its basic level it can be roughly calculated by simply dividing the dividends paid out by the share price and multiplying by 100 to get a basic ROI value. For example, it a stock that costs 200 eaves to purchase has an average dividends per share of 1.00 then the ROI is 0.5 this is calculated as (1.0/200) * 100 = 0.5, a very good ROI indeed.

This level of calculation is generally enough to get a basic idea of ROI, but it does not take EA’s commission into account. If you wish to take commission into account (which can be as high as 30% on a fast moving stock, but on most stocks it is 5%) then simply multiply the share price by the current commission. If the example above, if the account is a fast mover with 30% commission payable the calculation would be (1.0/200 * 1.3) * 100 = 0.38 (still a very respectable ROI). If the account is has the normal commission of 5% then the calculation would be (1.0/200 * 1.05) * 100 = 0.48

Shareholders: the people who have invested in you by buying your shares.

Wealth: the total value of your community fortune on Empire Avenue in eaves (excluding the value of vees). This is the value of your eaves not invested (like a cash balance) which come from daily dividends from your investments, completed missions, and the sale of shares plus the value of your investments. This value changes daily just like the real world stock market!

VeesEmpire Avenue currency used to make purchases outside of the investment structure of the Avenue.  Vees can be accumulated from Empire Avenue missions which pay in Vees, and Vees can be spent in  the Empire Avenue store for purchases of EA packages and items offered in the Empire Avenue marketplace.

Updated: 9/6/14